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Product Family Standard Quantity Manufacturer
Noise Simulator INS-400AX 1 Noiseken
Fast Transient Noise FNS-AXII 1 Noiseken
ESD Simulator ESS-2000 1 Noiseken
Oscilloscope LC574 besides 3 kinds 4 Lecroy, Tek
Function Generator FG-2002G 1 LG
Calibrator 5101B 1 Fluke
Withstand Voltage TOS-5051 1 Kikusui
Leakage Current Meter Simpson 228 1 Simpson
Voltage Dip/Up VDS-230S 1 Noiseken
Power Supply GP-1303TP besides 1kind 6 EZ
Chamber for Temperature and
Humidity Test
TH-G-800-L 1 Jeio Tech
ROM Writer TM-A48 1 TopMax
EMC Kit H2 1 Langer